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Incorporating self-care into everyday life one small step at a time.

Lower your stress.
Experience more joy.
Reclaim your life.

Spoiler alert! You’re human. Not a robot. Not a computer. Human.

And no matter how superhuman we want to be or feel, the truth is that we only have so much to give.

Life can get pretty stressful and busy. There’s work and laundry and grocery shopping and planning that birthday party and organizing the closet and mowing the lawn and…
I get it.

We live in a society that:

  • Glamorizes the grind
  • Tells us to work more, to work harder
  • Others come first and you come last (or you dare to be viewed as selfish)

That daily to-do list is long and never ending. But if we’re not careful, if we don’t include ourselves in that list of priorities, we run the risk of burning out - exhaustion, illness, missing days or weeks of work resulting in lost income, or worse - and then let’s face it, nothing is getting done at that point.

Whether you lead a busy life either by choice or circumstance, the truth is if you don’t make your self-care a priority, it’s not a question of if but WHEN your body will give out.

Here’s the good news… you CAN DO better, HAVE better, FEEL better. And true change comes down to the choices you make on a daily basis. There are no grand gestures. Vacations end. Massages wear off. Self-care is intentional and achieved through small, daily action steps.

What would it be like to have more joy, more fun in your life? What if you had less pain and stress in your body?

Work With Me

From in-person, hands-on work to going beyond the table and exploring the source of your stress, together we will determine which service is most likely to offer the results you would like to receive.

Wellness Coaching


Through embodied conversation and action steps, Wellness Coaching identifies the source of your pain and stress, interrupts unhealthy patterns and pain cycles, and then guides you on how to move forward so that you can THRIVE in life and stress less.

Massage Therapy


Relieving aches, pains, and migraines, massotherapy is an effective tool for easing stress, reducing soreness, and promoting overall health.

Gravity Yoga


Through relaxed and timed holds, Gravity Yoga is targeted stretching focusing on increasing flexibility, decreasing physical pain, and improving mobility.

My Clients' Stories

- Wendy

“When I met Diane, I was struggling with my schedule and feeling overwhelmed with the to-do list. I felt like my time was running me and others could & would hijack my day. With the simple step of creating a list of the top priorities & delegating a few tasks I feel more in control of my time and I am able to spend time pursuing new passion projects without guilt.”

- Suzanne
Diane Taylor

Diane Taylor

Big Picture Wellness Practitioner

Diane began her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2006. She opened her private practice in 2008 and has since expanded her services to BodyMind Coaching and Gravity Yoga.

Body Mind Certified Coach
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Ohio Medical Board - Licensed Massage Therapist

My Story

I was a total hypocrite. I was making a living at teaching others how to take better care of themselves while doing none of it for myself.

It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself in tears at night, every night, because the pain in my body was so unbearable. The pain in my neck, between my shoulder blades, my low back, my feet, my hands… I felt like my neck was in a vice grip that was only getting tighter. Years of abusing my body as a massage therapist and dealing with the 24/7 grind of being a business owner had finally caught up to me…

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Diane Akron Marathon 2019
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