Gravity Yoga

Gravity Yoga is designed to improve your posture, how you sit, walk, and generally how you move in space.  It is essential to easing physical pain as tense muscles release and allow joints to move more freely which translates into less inflammation and discomfort.


Ah, stretching. Everyone’s favorite activity they love... to avoid.

You know you need to do it but don’t. Or perhaps you would like to try it but have no clue where to begin. Or maybe you are intimidated by trendy yoga classes or are self-conscious being surrounded by super bendy people. Your doctor, the media stresses how important and necessary it is and yet you just can bring yourself to do it consistently if at all.

With Gravity Yoga, it’s just you and me. There is no guessing about whether or not you can perform like your classmates or work beyond your current abilities just so you feel like you “fit in” only to later pay the consequences. We start by focusing on what you CAN do and then build from there. Together we discuss where you are feeling tension or noticing restricted mobility and then we customize movements according to the results you would like to experience from being able to reach for an object on a shelf to picking up socks off the floor to walking up a flight of stairs with ease.

Gravity Yoga Sessions

This work is meant to be easily incorporated into your life as it only requires 15-20 minutes each day.

How would greater mobility positively impact your daily life?

If you’re ready to find out, schedule your free consultation now!


All sessions are done virtually via Zoom.

4 Sessions 
(must be completed within 6 weeks)
8 Sessions
(must be completed within 12 weeks)
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