Success Stories

Wendy's Story

“I recently had a drastic change in my lifestyle which included downsizing and moving while also adjusting to increased caregiver responsibilities. I was reacting to everything that came at me to the point where I felt like my life was spiraling out of control.

Before working with Diane, I had trouble overcoming the mindset that, at my age and with the life experience I already had under my belt, I couldn’t figure out how to get a grip on things myself! But after sharing my concerns, it occurred to me that having some objective guidance from someone who could see my life from the outside in, might be a good idea. And I’m so glad that I said Yes!

After working with Diane, I now have a plan for the day even when circumstances force me to deviate from it. It makes me feel more structured and secure. I have goals to work toward during the day, and it reminds me to take time out for activities that benefit me as well as others. I feel less stressed overall.”

“When I met Diane, I was struggling with my schedule and feeling overwhelmed with the to-do list. I felt like my time was running me and others could & would hijack my day. With the simple step of creating a list of the top priorities & delegating a few tasks I feel more in control of my time and I am able to spend time pursuing new passion projects without guilt.”

- Suzanne

"Diane's approach to massage therapy is very client oriented. She looks for the problem (such as migraines, tension, etc.) and pinpoints the area on which to concentrate. Each appointment is personalized to the current need."

- Angela K.

"I started going to Diane after I was dissatisfied with the chiropractor I was going to. I have arthritis in my right hip. Before I started therapy with Diane, I had to think which leg to use first when going up a set of stairs. With this help I can do so much now. I even started my daily walks again and exercising. Thanks, Diane!"

- Janet D.

"Wow, you are a goddess! I cannot thank you enough! I fully expected to wake up this morning feeling better, still tight perhaps, but with some improvement. I rested last night and drank a lot of water and kept stretching. I woke up pain free!! You are worth every penny! Thank you, thank you!!"

- Adrianne J.

"Diane, what can I say but 'thank you'! For years I have been suffering from low back pain with no relief in sight. I wish I would've started with you sooner. I am amazed at how much better I feel. I can even play and wrestle with my kids again! Thank you!"

- Ryan S.

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