Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching is an embodied coaching experience that gives your body a voice. Together we will look at how your body (physically, mentally, emotionally) feels on a regular basis as well as how it changes under various circumstances or in different environments.


Have you ever noticed how your body reacts to the stress in your life?

Does your neck tense up on the commute to work?

Does your blood pressure rise when family is in town for the holidays?

Is your throat ever irritated or stomach upset because you are avoiding that long overdue conversation?

Oftentimes we dismiss our neck pain, migraines, or upset stomachs to long hours in front of the computer or having too much junk food or sleeping funny.

The truth is that our bodies are talking to us… All. The. Time… trying to grab our attention and let us know when it is being overtaxed or when we are saying yes when we really want to say no.

The truth is that the pain and stress we feel is directly connected to and manifested by how we are living our lives on a daily basis.

Vacations, alcohol, exercise, massages, hot baths, medications on all levels… While these are just some examples of coping strategies, they are nonetheless temporary solutions when it comes to dealing with pain and stress.

Not until you are willing to change what is not working for you and take action towards redesigning how you operate on a daily basis will you then begin to experience less stress and pain in your body.

Wellness Coaching Sessions

  • By appointment only
  • Phone consultation required
  • Same day appointments are not available
  • Credit card required to reserve appointment (will not be charged under after service is completed)


All sessions are done virtually via Zoom.

Session Length
60 Minutes$150
4 Sessions
(must be completed within 6 weeks)

As mentioned before, true transformation comes not from quick, temporary fixes but rather small, consistent daily action steps.

Welcome to the Routine Reset

Ever wish you could just hit the reset button on what your typical day looks and feels like?

Routine Reset is an 8-week immersion program where we audit what your current day looks and feels like, release or modify what is not working for you, and most importantly identify and implement small, consistent action steps that fuel your self-care so that you shift from feeling depleted, resentful, and overwhelmed to feeling replenished, grateful, and fully capable of handling whatever life may throw at you.

For 8 weeks, you will have me by your side guiding and supporting you through the process via one-on-one coaching calls and email. We will celebrate your wins and navigate what challenges show up leaving you feeling more in control of how your day plays out.

If you…

  • are ready to stop feeling burned out, overwhelmed, and unfocused
  • are tired of your day getting hijacked
  • want to feel less stress and pain in your body

… then the Routine Reset may be a good fit for you.

Would you like to know more? Book your free consultation today to start the application process!

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